Top 10 Blog Posts on Effective Grantmaking Practices of 2012

posted on: January 14, 2013

by Yna C. Moore

What are the ways that foundations can be true partners to their grantees? How can philanthropy more effectively deploy their limited resources? These are just a couple of the tough questions addressed by the following 10 most popular blog posts on effective grantmaking practices: 

  1. Channeling Charlie Rose: 10 Questions to Ask a Foundation Executive
    by Yna C. Moore
  2. Philanthropy’s Odd Relationship With Risk
    by Kevin Laskowski
  3. Is it Time to Do Away With Discretionary Giving by Foundation Trustees?
    by Aaron Dorfman
  4. Do Foundations Have Attention Deficit Disorder?
    by Kevin Laskowski
  5. Foundation Demographics: Is philanthropy keeping up with our society?
    by Niki Jagpal
  6. General Operating Support: An endowment-friendly way for foundations to boost grantee productivity
    by Sean Dobson
  7. Multi-Year Funding for Nonprofits in Tough Economic Times
    by Yna C. Moore
  8. A Lesson for Grantmakers in Spielberg’s New Movie “Lincoln”
    by Sean Dobson
  9. A Gap in Financial Literacy in the Nonprofit World
    by Kevin Laskowski
  10. Philanthropic Bullet Points
    by Bill Somerville

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Is your favorite blog post in this list? 

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Yna C. Moore is communications director of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP).